All But Gluten

All But Gluten™ is a gluten-free brand from Weston Bakeries Limited, a leader in the Canadian baking industry that has produced a variety of fresh, frozen and specialty bakery products for over 125 years. A leader in the gluten-free category, they reached out to Sid Lee to match their creative expression through a rebrand of their current packaging. 

Enjoying a gluten free lifestyle can be limiting at times – we wanted to show the gluten free community just how much All But Gluten has to offer by illustrating the variety of food, experiences and freedom consumers get with every bite. We created a fun and quirky brand that highlighted the consumer benefit of getting to enjoy a variety of quality food in their diet, free from the burden of gluten free restrictions. All But Gluten makes the products that make enjoying a gluten free lifestyle possible, and we think the possibilities should be endless. 

Role: Art Direction | Graphic Design 
Creative Direction: Tom Koukodimos 
Illustration: Oleg Portnoy